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Poke the Beehive

September 20, 2011

How many times must one poke the beehive before they realize being stung is no fun?  For this guy I’m going to say once.  Yesterday and today have been enlightening to say the least.

Having been off the grain bandwagon and legumes (I have had sugar…that’s the hard one for me that continues to be a struggle to wean) I decided to conduct a little experiment yesterday.  I went to Jimmy Johns and had a sub for lunch.  Very basic and not too bad minus the bread (I had no mayo and a turkey sandwich with sprouts, onion and tomato).  Both my wife and I didn’t feel very well that night.  Since I wasn’t sure if it was the bread and preservatives or the lack of sleep we both had from our 6 month old the night before I decided to roll with the experiment and jump into the deep end…I went to the golden arches for lunch today.

Since I had a coupon for a medium fry and drink with a burger purchase I partook.  Let me just say, one of the worst ideas of my life.  I not only poked the beehive, I shook it, hit it with a bat and then rolled around in the aftermath!  I feel like crap right now.  My digestion has been horrendous (you’re welcome for not going into detail), my stomach is killing me, I feel jittery and I just want to curl up into the fetal position and rock myself to sleep.

Let my use of my own body as a Guinea Pig be a lesson to you all.  Make the transition and don’t look back.  There’s no need.


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