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Breaking Up Isn’t That Hard To Do!

September 13, 2011

My mom would be so proud!  I remembered the title to one of the classic “oldies” songs she played all the time I was growing up!  But the truth of the matter is this:  Breaking up with my old foods hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought.

The food I thought would be the biggest problem has really been the easiest: bread.  I thought there was no way I could get through breakfast, lunch and diner without bread being involved in some way.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ve not only found that it has been the easiest thing to eliminate, it has also provided the greatest gain in my eating.

I feel better without bread, my digestion has improved without bread and the flavors I’ve introduced to replace bread have been much tastier and far better for me nutritionally.  For example, last week I ran to the store and got a chicken breast, seasoned it and sanwhiched it between 2 slices of a portabella mushroom!  I added some cabbage slaw for crunch and had a side of carrot sticks wit it.  Fantastic!  I never would have done that before.

I’ve also found that I’m much more satisfied in between meals than before.  I did have an indulgence of some ice cream with my wife Saturday night, but I’m finding that regularly I have little to no cravings between meals.  Biologically this makes sense.

Bread is as carbohydrate as it gets (if that’s even such a thing).  It’s dense, refined and fortified with “vitamins and minerals” since the natural elements are stripped in milling and bleaching of making grains into bread.  Therefore, bread being a carb turns to sugar in the digestive process.  This happens fast with bread because it’s a high glycemic carb, which means it turns from carbohydrate to sugar rapidly in the body causing a quick spike in blood sugar.  This process gives a quick sense of satisfaction followed shortly by a crash leaving one hungry and seeking the pantry for refuge.

What’s worse, the introduction of the carbs such as these on a regular basis eventually makes your bodies mechanism of removing these sugars from your blood less effective.  That mechanism is insulin.  Eventually, given the right set of lifestyle circumstances your body loses its ability to respond to sugar in the blood…hence adult onset diabetes.  Certainly bread isn’t the only problem, but grains have other awful health implications I will discuss at a later date.

For now, just know that if you are starting the paleo lifestyle (or any other healthy lifestyle change) the things you feel will be the hardest to live without may very well be the easiest to leave behind.  Give it a try, you will probably be surprised.


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