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Starting is always the hardest part.

September 4, 2011

One thing I’ve always taught my practice members is that with any major lifestyle transition it is best to not let your ambitions get the best of you.  Far too many of us get very excited about a new workout, eating plan or any healthy activity in general.  Our ambitions and good intentions drive us to jump in feet first, but we often end up in water over our heads.

This over the top ambition ultimately leads to burn out, which leads to failure to comply in most instances.  Unless you are an extremely motivated and tirelessly dedicated individual going from 0-100% overnight can be too much to handle.  Besides we are after all creatures of habit so breaking an old habit to replace with a new is not an easy task by any means.  The key is finding consistency in places you know you can succeed.  Doing this keeps excitement levels high, provides continuous motivation and provides time for your body to experience the benefits making it easier to leave old habits behind.  In total this leads to complete transformation and total success.

This too has been my approach in the past few days with my paleo conversion.  I’ve lived 29 years without it and I realize that for me, transitioning in total will not be beneficial.  My first two days actually went pretty well.  I had not gone to the market so I did not have many vegetables or fruits left on hand so I mainly relied on turkey bacon and eggs (I’ve read mixed reviews on whether or not eggs are inclusive, but I like Mark Sisson’s take on it so I’m sticking with them), tomato burgers (no bun) and sushi (again I went with sashimi as to avoid the rice).  The diet as I say has been pretty good…until today.

I had a bit of a slip today.  I ran to the gym and got a solid workout in.  When arriving home I had some cabbage and turkey sausage (low sodium and it’s turkey breast meat) for lunch.  However, I felt an insatiable craving for chocolate chip cookies.  I gave in and made a batch eating 3 before turning myself in to my own conscience.  Now as I’m writing this I have quite the headache, whether that is attributed to the sharp spike in glucose levels in my blood and the corresponding insulin spike, who knows, but it seems too closely related to be mere coincidence.

Needless to say this has been a successful first few days.  Not easy days, but successful.  Stay tuned fellow primals.


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  1. Suzie permalink

    Why not make a paleo/primal dessert? Trust me, they can be very good! Sugar is my daughter’s trigger of migraines. In her early teen years,she used to always have some kind of headache. Since we went primal, her cheats with sugar have taught her it isn’t worth it. Found your interesting blog today from Jimmy Moore’s list. Grok on!

    • Suzie. Paleo desserts are a great idea! They are hard to come by, but then again the whole concept of primal living to me is that we live in a much more advanced world than our ancestors did. So although our fellow Grokers didn’t have temptations such as Dairy Queen it doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy the foods you love. “Cheats” to me do not exist as long as you adopt the 80/20 principle regularly. However, eating foods that trigger symptoms of weakness/disease certainly show that certain indulgences are clearly not worth it. Find the 1-2 simple pleasures you can enjoy in controlled moderation and then just Grok hard 🙂 Hope you keep reading, learning and enjoying. Thanks again for the visit and the post.

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