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And So It Begins…

September 2, 2011

Hello fellow primal enthusiasts, curious investigators and random readers alike!  My name is Dr. Jonathan Ploeger, I’m a chiropractor with a little bit different approach to everything that I do.  Today is the first of many posts and what I hope will be enlightening, educating, supportive and perhaps even inspiring as I begin a new venture into the world of primal living.

I first discovered the idea of primal living or the paleolithic lifestyle from my brother-in-law Kevin who also happens to be a chiropractor.  He had been dealing with the issues many doctors face coming out of school.  Being overweight, fatigued, crappy eating habits, inconsistent work out routine, etc…  His practice in Chicago focused on working with diabetic and thyroid disorders.  Through his clinical research he stumbled upon Mark Sisson and became intrigued.  Kevin decided these philosophies and statistics resonated with him and he began applying the lifestyle to himself.  Fast forward 6-8 months.

Kevin and my family are skyping talking about a trip we will be taking together to North Dakota in the near future.  In our discussion Kevin and I start talking shop as we usually do.  He mentions to me how great he has felt since taking on this new lifestyle and what it’s done for him.

What Kevin doesn’t know is that his story is now resonating with me.  For the past 2+ years I’ve struggled to find a lifestyle path I can follow.  I’ve been running marathons, but not running consistantly because the training is killing my body and I look at the workouts as obstacles rather than release (and I actually enjoy running).  I’m tired all the time and even though I’m in decent shape I’m getting sick two sometimes three times per year.  The bottom line is I’m just not healthy.  My body is not strong enough to overcome the stresses it faces on a daily basis.  This is even more troubling to me because it is what I’m teaching my practice members about health.  So here I am tired, unhappy, sick and frustrated.  Needless to say, what Kevin was laying down, I was picking up!

I’ve spent the past few weeks now reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts and researching some of the issues addressed by this concept and I have to say I like it.  In fact I’m all in.  This post is the first of many to come and what I hope will be an evolution.  The evolution will start with me and hopefully transfer to a clinical setting where I can positively influence the members of my practice and community in what it means to be intelligent with our health.

I hope these writings will be useful to you the reader as a way of relating in your own struggles as well as triumphs.  I promise to keep this raw.  I’m not the doctor that sugarcoats reality for the sake of feelings.  If I’m struggling I’ll let you know and hopefully you can help get me through, answer my questions and ensure future success.  Enjoy what follows, I’m truly excited to see what happens.


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